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NDC National Defence College (NDC)
National Defence College was established following the decision of Government Body on 07 November 1996. First course commenced on 10 January 1999 at the facilities of Defence Services Command and Staff College. The new building of the College was inaugurated on 22 November 2000.
College runs two courses; National Defence Course (NDC) and Armed Forces War Course (AFWC). In this page you will have the information related to the activities of both the courses.

DSCSC Defence Services Command & Staff College (DSCSC)
Defence Services Command and Staff College is a prime military institution of Bangladesh Armed Forces. Established in December 1977, DSCSC provides professional military education to selected mid-career officers of the three services and prepares them for assumption of increasing responsibilities both in command and staff appointment. Here officers from the Army, Navy and the Air Force from home and abroad study in a joint environment operation of war encompassing Land, Air and Maritime forces. The College is well acclaimed internationally as a centre of excellence for study on subjects of contemporary military interest, and has so far graduated over 2291 officer including 475 from 30 different countries.

MIST Military Institute of Science and Technology (MIST)
Establishment of a technical institution for Bangladesh Armed Forces had been a long desired need. It had been very strongly felt since 1980's in view of growing demand for technical personnel in military service. In the absence of such an institution in the Armed Forces, the military demand for technocrats was being supplemented by nomination of military officers to undergo graduation and post graduation courses at Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET), former Bangladesh Institutes of Technology (BIT) and other foreign technical institutes.

AFMC Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC)
Medical education has been constantly changing with a view to keep pace with the latest development in medical science. Nevertheless, Bangladesh Armed Forces felt the requirement of possessing a group of energetic, motivated and dedicated young people to lead the health sector in the 21st century. With this view Armed Forces Medical College ( AFMC) was established to respond to the global changes happening in medical education and technology. Army Medical Corps performs the task of conserving the fighting strength of the Armed Forces through effective health care delivery system both during war and peace.

AFIP Armed Forces Institute of Pathology (AFIP)
To serve as the central referral laboratory.
To provide laboratory diagnostic facilities for the Armed Forces in particular and nation in general.
To act as a training and research institute.
To provide support to the armed forces personals deployed in mission abroad, UN Forces.

AFMI Armed Forces Medical Institute (AFMI)

the in house military physicians are needed to be awarded with the post graduation degrees and diploma on the chosen and selected disciplines. The programs are jointly organized by the BUP, AFMI & in collaboration with other institutes on requirement basis. The nurses of the armed forces are also trained here.

Bangladesh Military Academy (BMA)

This academy located at Bhatiary, Chittagong, the most dignified and reputed academy of the country which imports military as well as academic courses to the gentlemen cadets. On Completion of their curriculum they are awarded with the graduation degree on science and arts discipline. Basically this institute produces the fresh Commissioned Officers for Bangladesh Army.

Bangladesh Naval Academy (BNA)

Bangladesh Naval Academy (BNA) is the premier institution of transforming a young civilian into a competent naval officer. BNA deals with a mammoth task of fulfilling our national policy and commitment to produce commissioned officers to lead the future Navy and to stand for the nation in need. With this view, the Naval Academy sets forth its journey and training the cadet so succeed the mission in the long run. BNA always anticipates the necessity of training and facilitates cadets to go ahead smoothly. There have been many changes in the existing BNA in the last two decades.

BAFA Bangladesh Air Force Academy (BAFA)
Following the heroic contribution of Air Force personnel in the Liberation War, the need of having an academy to train future Air Force leaders was earnestly felt. The idea was crystallized in 1973, and the academic activities started under the name of BAF Cadets" Training Unit (CTU) at Kurmitola, Dhaka in November 1974. The CTU was shifted to Jessore in April 1977 and re-named as the Cadets" Training Wing (CTW). With the growing need of time, the CTW was re-modeled as a full-fledged Academy and renamed as Bangladesh Air Force Academy (BAFA) in April 1982.

Artillery Center and School (AC & S)
The necessity for a separate training establishment for the Corps of Artillery was felt immediately after the independence. From March 1974 School of Artillery was functioning as a separate wing of Combined Arms School (COMBAS) at Jessore Cantonment. On 31 March 1975, the first Artillery Course OBY (Field) - 1 started with 18 Gunner Officers headed by Late Brigadier General (retired) A B M Mazumder. Then, on 2nd February 1977, Artillery Center and School came into existence with its full compliments at Halishahar, Chittagong.
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