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BUPITC (Bangladesh University of Professionals Information Technology Club) is one of the leading clubs of BUP formed at the end of 2017 but started its journey from 14th February 2018 under the Department of Information and Communication Technology. The club has organized technical workshops and seminars where talented professionals in different technical topics talks on versatile technologies, such as competitive programming, software frameworks, trending programming languages, web... 


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About Club

01, Jan, 2017

1. To continue acquiring knowledge in the field of Information and Communication Technology.

2. To take necessary steps for spreading out the Computer and IT based education in BUP.

3. To keep a good relationship with the other similar Societies, Clubs or communities of other universities.

4. Promoting national and international level programming contests, Robotics contests and Science Olympiads through an active participation.

5. Arranging workshops and interactive sessions to highlight creative problem solving, robotics.

6. Host Inter University Competitive programming, Robotics Contest, Olympiad and INFOTECH Fest. 


Making BUP a global icon in front of the contemporary institutions by achieving international appreciations through programming contests and science Olympiads.

"To enhance programming skills of the students to develop and design software with innovation for the competitive market"
Tapotosh Ghosh Tapu
Zarin Subah Shamma
Vice President
Dip Bhakta
General Secretary

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