BUP Literature and Drama Club

Formed in 2015, as a part of BUP Literature and Debating Club, BUP Literature Club (BUPLC) has been working relentlessly to accelerate the mental growth of the students and showcase human emotions artistically because representation of human emotions should not be confined only in pages of literature, rather should be staged, shared and celebrated. Keeping this mission in mind, the new and reformed BUP Literature Club (BUPLC) was born in January 2018 as a separate entity. After a few months...

About Club

01, Jan, 2015

The club, primarily, aims to bring the young minds close to their roots when the youth of Bangladesh is floating away with the wave of modernity and global popular culture. It dreams to be an exemplary club in creating new dimensions with its wide activities, popularity and acceptance. Besides, the club serves as a good platform for enhancing love for language and literature among the students. Apart from the centrally designated programmes, BUP Literature and Drama Club (BUPLDC) also arranges its regular functions and keeps the BUP campus lively with its innovative and colourful activities with a view to spreading the message of uprightness, unity, moral and mental growth. By doing these, the Club not only earns recognition for itself, but also brings accolades and fame for BUP.

Dr. Fahmida Haque
Md. Tawhiduzzaman
Rahat Alama Abir
Vice President

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