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The BUPRS attempts to create scopes for students to involve in research works at different branches of knowledge and increase understanding of the world in reality. It will create opportunities for the students of BUP to grow up with research habits and experience to uncover truth. BUPRS attempts to bring out inner potential of the knowledge seekers and cooperate BUP as an auxiliary ground to...


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01, Jan, 2017

BUPRS will be working as the platform to groom up all BUP students as potential researchers through pragmatic research practices in reality. This student-based research platform will remain linked with other renowned research societies or organizations of different universities around the globe.


This organization will be the hope and inspiration for the other organizations in Bangladesh as a student-based research platform. BUPRS is working to assist the University to combine the pursuit of knowledge and truth with the values and needs of the evolving society. Vision of BUPRS is to elevate BUP as one of the top 100 research-oriented universities in the research world through its continuous development of the young researchers.

Dr. Md. Mohoshin Reza
Mehedi Hasan
Faisal Enayet
Vice President

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