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Course List

1.           Department of Environmental Science.Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Environmental Science program is designed to produce graduates with solid foundation and knowledge in all the spheres of earth including air, water, soil and human being. It focuses on creating skilled human resources in the field of environmental science. Students gain extensive experience in developing effective formulation to mitigate and manage environmental pollution and how to build a sustainable environment. The program includes basic knowledge about the environment, the causes behind its exploitation, probable mitigation and management. Organizational orientation, project management and communication skills are developed in addition to exploration of the technical and human aspects of Environmental Science.

2.         Vision.            The vision of the Department of Environmental Science is to contribute quality education and scientific expertise to meet national and global environmental challenges facing the world now and, in the decades ahead.

3.         Mission.                  The mission of the Department of Environmental Science is to develop the capacity and leadership in the multidisciplinary field of science and technology to exploring environment, mitigating environmental problems, serving     communities in order to improve and sustain the function of environmental systems globally.

4.             Objectives.

      - Create and effectively disseminate fundamental knowledge about Environment, its resources, and the processes by which it changes;

      - Service to humanity through public awareness on natural resources;

      - Integrate and synthesize the consequences of human activities on climate systems and the environment; and

      - Foster truly productive interdisciplinary research approaches that better mirror the environmental problems.

5.       Current Programs.   The Department is running following programs:-

              B.Sc. (Hons) in Environmental Science.

              M.Sc. in Environmental Science (Regular program)

              Masters in environmental science and Management (Weekend Program)