Message from Dean, OEFCD

As a Dean of this faculty I’m extremely proud of providing various academic Evaluation, Curriculum Development, and Faculty Development activities. It’s my great pleasure to let you know that under the supervision of top authority, OEFCD already initiated an Academic Strategic Plan (2023-2050) and Action Plan of this proposed Strategic Plan is yet to be finalized. Government has already established Bangladesh Accreditation Council Act to ensure quality of the universities align with the global universities.

As the Dean of this Faculty, I’m committed to ensure the quality of education with due guidance of respected VC. Since the beginning of my tenure, I am interested and proactive on quality education through collaboration both at home and abroad. Although BUP is a unique university, it is committed to keep the standard to utilize our uniqueness.

Commodore S M Zamil Hossain, NUP, ndc, afwc, psc, BN


Functions of OEFCD

The Main Functions of OEFCD (As per Chartes of Duties) are as bellow:

a.    Collect all the Academic Instruction papers (Academic Guideline, Syllabus, Class Routine) from each department on a certain time interval for any kind of need based revision, acceleration or change.
b.    In coordination with the faculty members, arrange monthly meeting with every two department to carry out a review of the Academic Instruction Paper and guide them in revising the tools where necessary.
c.    Develop and maintain coordination with faculty members and provide guidance for any activity related to faculty development.
d.   Arrange meeting with faculty members for proper implementation and documentation of the faculty development work upon consultation.
e.    Support faculty members in preparing the faculty policy and plan.
f.    Maintain a database of departments relating to the communication upholding with them and also on the kind of support provided to them.
g.   Prepare a POLICY paper for conducting the Evaluation of the Teachers and Officers.
h.   Prepare questionnaire as a part of the ‘Policy Paper’ for data collection.
 j.    Carry out regular visits to classrooms, faculties and offices to monitor     the activities of teachers and officers.
 k.    Maintain records on such monitoring activities and all the data collected     through this from starting stage through completion of the evaluation and make     information available for regular briefs needed by the higher authority and  other related purposes.
  l.    Maintain data processing that was collected by the questionnaire provided which include data collecting, data cleaning, data sorting, data entry and analysis.
  m.    Prepare reports on the analyzed data and give recommendation.



Lieutenant Colonel Khandkar Md Faruk Ahmed, AEC

Associate Professor

Dr. Kazi Khadem-Ul-Islam Shahidullah

Assistant Professor

Md. Sultanul Islam

Assistant Director

Shazeed Ul Karim

Assistant Director

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