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Bangladesh Military Academy (BMA)

Type: Armed Force

Location: Bhatiary, Chattogram

Following the independence of Bangladesh with the break-up of Pakistan in the Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971, Bangladesh Military Academy was established Chittagong Bhatiari in January 1974 for training of officers of the Army. The Military Academy was opened by the initiative of the then Prime Minister Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. The Academy was initially raised at Comilla Cantonment on 29 November 1973 and later relocated at Bhatiary in 1976. This Academy was awarded National Standard in the year 1979. Bangladesh Military Academy provides training to the officers of the Bangladesh Army. From 1983 the officers of the Bangladesh Navy and Air Force must take three months training from the academy. The Academy chose a verse by national poet Kazi Nazrul Islam, Chiro Unnata Momo Shir (translation: ever high is my head) as its motto. Regular long courses commenced from 1978. The first batch of officers of Bangladesh Army graduated from the academy in 1975.