Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Centre

Brigadier General Omar Faruque Khan, psc

Chief ICT Officer

About Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Centre

Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP) has relentlessly been supporting the digitalization of ICT Centre and entire alma-matter to keep pace with modernization.
A customised Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system have been developed for the automation of academic, financial, vehicle, store and administrative activities of BUP. The system has different software, applications and modules integrated and some are still in process of developments. Class attendance, assignments, examination results publication are all included in this automation service as well. In this continuation, the classrooms have been digitalized for teaching and learning of the students. Recently, through web based digital archive, the incorporation and preservation of records of various activities of the institution has started.

List of Officers

Lieutenant Colonel Mohammad Saifullah Mirazul Alam, Sigs

Sr System Administrator

Major Azad Hossain, psc, sigs

System Analyst

Mazharul Islam

System Analyst

Md. Kawser Hossen

Computer Hardware Engineer

Md. Ashadul Islam

Software Engineer

Md. Shohel Rana

Assistant Programmer

Md. Mahmudul Hasan

Assistant Programmer


Server Room

  • Installed raised floor in Server Room
  • Increased security of Server Room
  • Installed NOVEC 1230 fire detection and fire suppression system
  • Installed rodent pest control in Server Room
  • Installed power back up and redundant system 
  • Upgraded the power supply and distribution system 
  • Upgraded the cooling management system

Software Applications

  • BUP has an interactive website  
  • University Comprehensive management system-UCAM
  • Inventory management system  
  • Digital archive management system  
  • Online admission system 
  • Student tuition fees collection through online  
  • Central content display management system 
  • Inspector of Colleges Management System
  • RFID based Library management system  
  • Microsoft M365 solution (Windows 10 and Office 2016)  
  • Centralized managed printing solution  
  • Central vehicle requisition management system  
  • Human Resource management system  
  • Mess management system
  • Attendance Management System
  • Helpdesk Management System
  • LMS

IP telephony system

  • Integrated all in one communication system
  • Video conferencing system  
  • SMS portal integration  
  • IPTSP solution  
  • Help desk/call center  
  • Smart whiteboard 
  • All in one touch screen interactive classroom board  
  • Commercial display for plaza


  • BUP is using 900 MBPS of internet bandwidth
  • Using all the manageable switches into the network 
  • Installed cable management tray for better cable management
  • HDD optical fiber connection from BUP to NTTN


  • CCTV surveillance camera 
  • Single sign on 
  • Active directory 
  • Radius based Wi-fi controller 
  • LDAP 
  • SSL certificates for website and domains 
  • Server based antivirus 
  • Unified threat management system 
  • Laminated RFID based smart ID card

File sharing

  • Installed Network attached storage (NAS) 
  • Increased number of servers and storage 
  • Cloud hosting in amazon web services 
  • Planned data backup and recovery system 
  • Acronics data backup system 

Audio Visual

  • BUP documentary audio visual
  • Life of Students audio visual 
  • Social evening support 
  • Digitalized Bangabandhu chair 
  • Hologram display system
  • Self-checking and book issue system 
  • Digital biometric attendance system

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