Free Medical and Dental Health Awareness Campaign-2024

Free Medical and Dental Health Awareness Campaign-2024

15 Feb 2024

In observance of the International Mother Language Day, students from the Faculty of Medical Studies, MPH Program, batch-03, led an impactful initiative ÔÔFree Medical & Dental Health Awareness Campaign-2024’’. The program was held on 15 February 2024 at the BUP concourse (FBS Tower), the event received valuable input from the Vice Chancellor Maj Gen Md Mahbub-ul Alam, BSP, ndc, afwc, psc, MPhil, PhD, Pro-Vice chancellor Professor Khondoker Mokaddem Hossain, PhD and Dean, Faculty of Medical Studies, Brig Gen Md Mizanur Rahman Khan, FCGP, MPhil, MPH, FRSH.

With a total of ten booths and the participation of twenty highly experienced doctors and health professionals, the campaign addressed the health needs of both university students, faculty members and BUP staffs. These dedicated health professionals not only provided medical assistance but also shared valuable insights on maintaining optimal dental health.

Among the ten booths, four were dedicated to dental checkups and gum health, one addressed gynecological issues, another focused on nutrition and physiotherapy while one specifically targeted hormone, diabetes and ENT concerns. This comprehensive approach ensured that attendees received personalized care and guidance across various health care domains.

This initiative highlights the dedication and leadership of MPH Program, Batch-03 students in promoting community health and well-being. Their proactive and voluntary involvement underscores the importance of collaborative efforts in nurturing a healthier society.